Juhainah Al-Bukhaiti

J-1 Exchange Visitor Advisor

Juhainah Al-bukhaiti is the J-1 visa exchange advisor at Gravity International Programs. She guides J-1 (and J-2) applicants through the processing of J-1 visa providing information about J-1 visa, assisting prepare application packages, and maintaining records. She works closely with participants before, during, and after their arrival to ensure they are getting the most of their exchange program while in compliance with their J-1 Visa requirements.

Juhainah has extensive experience in the non-profit sector, where her work has focused on human rights research and project consultancy. As a former International Student in the U.S., she realizes the importance of a clear and well informed Visa processing and guidelines.

Juhainah holds a B.A. in political science and human rights from Hunter College, with a concentration in international relations and international human rights law. She is Fluent in English, Arabic, and intermediate in French.