Mine Gur

CEO and Alternate Responsible Officer

Mine Gur is the program director for Gravity’s Intern and Trainee programs. She is responsible for leading the strategic planning and day to day operations of all of Gravity’s esteemed programs, training and internships. She has extensive experience in programs that promote cultural exchange, especially in communication, media, engineering and business within the United States.

Mine Gur has an LLM in Finance and a J.D. in Law. She has practiced immigration law for over 10 years in New York City and has served as President of the Law Office of Mine Gur since 2010.

Over ten years ago, Ms. Gur received a J-1 visa and completed her training program in immigration law. Her personal experience in the J-1 visa program has instilled in her the value of working in the American corporate system. Her personal, first-hand knowledge of cultural exchange has given her a unique perspective when it comes to her line of work, and a deep understanding of a program sponsor’s responsibility and expectations.

Throughout her career, Mine has enjoyed working with clients from diverse backgrounds and at all levels, including students, recent graduates, young professionals, host employers and organizations, and university partners.