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Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah (which means “dedication” and which you may also see spelled Chanukah due to the translation from Hebrew to English) is a winter holiday in Judaism.While you may hear some people refer to it as “the Jewish version of Christmas” because both holidays fall towards the end of the year, … »
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Veterans Day 2023

The United States observes several holidays honoring those who serve in the military: Memorial Day is observed in May and honors service members killed in action and deceased veterans, and Armed Forces Day honors members currently serving. Veterans Day was established to celebrate the members who received an honorable discharge, … »
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Election Day 2023

Election Day in the U.S. always falls on the first Tuesday in November. In the late eighteenth century when the early American government was determining how to carry out elections, state legislatures selected November dates to accommodate the autumn harvest season, and Tuesdays so church attendance the previous Sunday and … »
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History of Halloween Costumes

Halloween is celebrated annually on October 31, which this year falls on a Tuesday. The holiday is a celebration of everything creepy, scary, and fun in the autumn season. One of its most well-known traditions is wearing a costume, for trick-or-treating, parties, or simply for fun. But where does this … »
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