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Presidents’ Day 2024

Presidents’ Day is an annual federal holiday which takes place on the third Monday of every February, and honors everyone who has held the office of President of the United States. (See our previous article on Presidents’ Day for more information.) However, it is most strongly associated with the first … »
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Valentine’s Day 2024

Valentine’s Day is observed annually on February 14, which this year falls on a Wednesday. It’s the celebration of lovers and an occasion where romantic partners show one another how much they care for them with gifts, cards, and special attention. (See our previous article on Valentine’s Day for more … »
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Lunar New Year 2024

Lunar New Year is celebrated in many countries, such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and South Korea, which use the lunisolar calendar, a 354-day year based on the cycles of the Moon. This calendar places the new year between late January and mid-February of the solar Gregorian calendar that … »
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Leap Year 2024

This year, we’ll be experiencing a February 29, a date that only shows up on calendars in years that are divisible by four, such as 2024. February is still the shortest month of the year, even with its extra day, but Leap Day serves an important purpose.The effects of leap … »
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