Daylight Savings Time is Ending

Get ready for your clocks to change: Daylight Savings Time (DST) in the United States will end at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 6. As you may have read in our previous article about DST, it is the practice of setting clocks forward by one hour in order to adjust the … »
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Columbus Day 2022

Columbus Day falls on Monday, October 10. Christopher Columbus is a well-known and controversial figure in American culture. He is credited with “discovering” the Americas as a result of his 1492 voyage from Europe (the first of four) undertaken to find a faster route by ship to Asia. At first, he … »
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Seasonal Autumn Dishes

Autumn is coming and it’s bringing delicious seasonal foods with it.There’s nothing like the first time in a year that you step outside and feel a cool breeze on your face instead of sweltering summer heat. The first day of autumn is the fall equinox, which fell on Thursday, September … »
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Autumn Activities

Take a weekend to enjoy yourself this autumn with some of these fun events!Autumn is fully upon us! While the days are turning steadily shorter and chillier, we still have time before the winter cold and heavy snow and ice force us all indoors for the season. While you can … »
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