Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo (“Fifth of May) is a relatively minor holiday in Mexico, its country of origin. Día de la Independencia/El Grito de Independencia (“Independence Day”/“The Cry of Independence”) is a much more important occasion on par with the United States’ Fourth of July, celebrated on September 16 in honor … »
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Tax Day 2023

As a J-1 exchange visitor to the country, you are subject to federal and state income taxes on the wages you earn in the United States.In order to pay these taxes, you must file income tax returns annually with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You can do this using the … »
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Passover 2023

This year, Passover lasts from Wednesday, April 5 to Thursday, April 13.Passover, or Pesach (Hebrew for “pass over” as in “skip” or “leave out”) is a major holiday in Judaism. Its celebrations last for a week, and its dates are determined by the lunar calendar, always taking place on the … »
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Easter 2023

This year, Easter Sunday is April 9.Easter is one of the most important holidays in Christian tradition. Following Lent, a period of fasting and solemnity, Easter represents joy and rebirth, marking the Biblical story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is determined by the Gregorian calendar, and takes place … »
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