Marathon Volunteer Opportunities

Marathons are held in many major cities across the United States, with thousands of athletes participating and even more spectators cheering them on from the sidelines. Most important, however, are the countless people who work behind the scenes to ensure that the race runs perfectly. Many do this as a … »
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Leap Year 2024

This year, we’ll be experiencing a February 29, a date that only shows up on calendars in years that are divisible by four, such as 2024. February is still the shortest month of the year, even with its extra day, but Leap Day serves an important purpose.The effects of leap … »
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National Blood Donor Month

National Blood Donor Month was established by President Richard Nixon on December 31, 1969, making January 1970 the first official observance. This month honors all those who volunteer to donate blood and raises awareness of blood drives and the uses of donated blood to encourage more donors to sign up.Blood … »
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Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

As we remember every January, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of the United States’ most influential activists, authors, and speakers. His tireless efforts to advance civil rights for African Americans through nonviolent resistance to racist treatment and laws, and to advocate for marginalized groups throughout the 1950s … »
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