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U.S. Open 2023

The U.S. Open Tennis Championships celebrated its 143rd edition this year.This proud tradition of athleticism began in Newport, Rhode Island in 1881, with the U.S. National Championships, a men’s singles and doubles tennis tournament open only to members of exclusive tennis clubs. Over decades, the event expanded to include women’s singles … »
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50 Years of Hip-Hop

Hip-hop originated as and remains an important development in the world of music as a whole and a major cultural movement in the United States.While “hip-hop” and “rap” are often used interchangeably, they are not the same: rapping is the style of vocal performance characterized by rhyming, rhythmic speech delivered … »
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Islamic New Year 2023

While the holiest month of the Islamic calendar is Ramadan, also extremely sacred is Muharram, the first month of the Muslim lunar/Hijri calendar. This month is an important time for enriching one’s spiritual life, reflecting on one’s self and faith, and it emphasizes peace, nonviolence, and connection with one’s loved … »
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Fourth of July 2023

Commonly known as the Fourth of July or simply The Fourth, the United States’ Independence day is celebrated annually on July 4. The Fourth of July is one of the country’s most beloved holidays: you’ve probably already seen red, white, and blue merchandise and decorations in various stores, as well … »
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