Marathons are held in many major cities across the United States, with thousands of athletes participating and even more spectators cheering them on from the sidelines. Most important, however, are the countless people who work behind the scenes to ensure that the race runs perfectly. Many do this as a volunteer effort to help their city out with one of the biggest events it can hold, and there are plenty of ways for BridgeUSA visitors to get involved!

Races are a great way for exchange visitors to experience American culture, meet people with similar interests, and enjoy the spirit of volunteering their time to a good cause. Visitors from ALL categories are welcome, from Secondary School Students through College/University Students & Scholars, Interns & Trainees, Specialists, Au Pairs, Physicians, Camp Counselors, Summer Work Travel, Teachers, and Professors!

The earlier volunteers sign up, the better, but they are always welcome! Ellen Brunet is the Ironman Volunteer Director for all North American events, and she has asked that you CC her when you reach out to local volunteer directors. She and the rest of the Ironman organization are very much looking forward to welcoming our exchange visitors!

Please see below for more information about the marathons being held in 2024:

●     IMMEDIATE NEED: February 24-25: Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series in Las Vegas, Nevada; contact Volunteer Director Laura Mercer at and follow this link to sign up to volunteer.

●     March 15-17: Los Angeles Marathon in California: email In your email, please include that you are a BridgeUSA Sponsor Agency, your Sponsor Agency’s name, your estimated number of volunteers, your name, email, and cell phone number.

●     March 16: Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series in Washington, DC. Volunteer director: Katie Morrison:

●     March 23: Marine Corps 17.75K in Virginia. Email

●     April 15: Boston Marathon in Massachusetts: Register as a volunteer with the Boston Athletic Association here ( by February 2.

●     April 27-28: Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series in Nashville. Volunteer director: Carly Ramsey:

●     May 3-5: Flying Pig Marathon Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio. Fill out your group interest form: HERE. Contact POC: Lauren Burlile, Volunteer and Course Experience Coordinator, at

●     May 11: Ironman Panama City Beach in Florida. Sign up here ( and email Ironman North America Volunteer Director Ellen Brunet at

●     May 19: Ironman Chattanooga in Tennessee: email Chattanooga Volunteer Director Alex Christensen at and Ironman North America Volunteer Director Ellen Brunet at

○     Ironman Morro Bay in California: email and

○     Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in Virginia:

●     June 1: Ironman Kohala Coast in Hawaii: email and

●     June 1-2: Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series in San Diego. Contact Volunteer Director Christy LaLanne at

●     June 8: Ironman Boulder in Colorado: email and

●     June 9: Ironman Cambridge in Maryland: email and

○     Ironman Des Moines in Iowa: email and

○     Ironman Springfield in Massachusetts: email and

●     June 23: Ironman Coeur D’Alene in Idaho: email Volunteer Director Dani Zibell-Wolfe at and Ironman North America Volunteer Director Ellen Brunet at

●     June 30: Ironman Happy Valley in Pennsylvania: email and

●     July 2-4: Atlanta Journal- Constitution Peachtree Road Race in Georgia: email for sign up details.

●     July 13: Ironman Muncie in Indiana: email and

●     July 14: Ironman Geneva in New York: email and

●     July 21: Ironman Lake Placid in New York: email and

○     Ironman Sandusky in Ohio: email and

○     Ironman Salem in Oregon: email and

●     July 28: Ironman Augusta in Maine: email and

●     August 18: Ironman Louisville in Kentucky: email Volunteer Director Taylor Haydock at and

●     September 7 & 8: Ironman Madison in Wisconsin: email and

●     September 15: Ironman Santa Cruz in California: email and

○     Ironman Frankfort in Michigan: email and

●     September 22: Ironman Tri-Cities in Washington: email Volunteer Director Jen Szabo at and

●     September 28: Ironman Jones Beach in New York: email and

●     September 29: Ironman Augusta in Georgia: email Volunteer Director Heather O’Brien at and

●     October 5-6: Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Series in San Jose: Susan Reese volunteer director

●     October 6: Ironman Waco in Texas: email and

●     October 13: Chicago Marathon in Illinois: click here to volunteer.

●     October 19: Ironman Wilmington in North Carolina: email and

●     October 27: Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC: email

●     November 3: New York City Marathon in New York (Volunteer contact link coming later this summer)

●     November 18-20: Philadelphia Marathon in Pennsylvania: follow this link for more information about volunteer opportunities.

●     December 7-8: Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio: email Volunteer Director Tony Benke at

●     December 8: Ironman Indian Wells-La Quinta in California: email Volunteer Director Alex Napier at and

●     December 15: Ironman Haines City in Florida: email Volunteer Director Jill Latimer at and

In addition, there are many more local races for you to check out if you’re unable to get to the ones listed above. Follow these links for more information:

●     USA Marathon List

●     US Marathons 2024-2025

●     Marathons In America

●     Running Race Finder: USA 2024

Let us know at if you’ll be participating: we look forward to having you, and your help is always appreciated! If you have any questions or concerns, also feel free to contact us at any time at Stay safe and healthy!